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What Are The Advantages Of Curtain Walling?

What Are The Advantages Of Curtain Walling?

At DB Curtain Walling, one of the most common questions we get asked is "what benefit will curtain walling have on my building?", and the truth is that quite simply, there are many.

In this article we'll discuss some of the most important benefits of curtain walling and how it can help and benefit your building.

Curtain walling reduces building sway

Although you might not have initially thought it, and even though curtain walling isn't designed to provide structural stability, it can actually reduce the sway of a building.

Helping to make the building more secure, curtain walling can even reduce small amounts of stress that the building may be under by dispersing kinetic force throughout the frame of the walling.

This helps buildings withstand high winds, which unfortunately, are becoming more common during the winter periods; making curtain walling especially useful for taller buildings.

Curtain walling helps improve thermal efficiency

Energy efficiency is incredibly important for any commercial structure, and when properly treated with double glazing, curtain walling can help improve the thermal efficiency of any building.

Due to the fact that curtain walling is another material that rides along the outside of a building, the system helps stabilise internal temperatures and can help improve the sustainability of the building, as well as lowering costs.

What's more, acting as a buffer and insulator, curtain walls help keep out unwanted air and water, which makes properties easier to maintain and look after, no matter what kind of weather is being thrown at them.

Curtain walling adds an attractive layer of transparency

No one likes working in a building with low levels of natural light, and curtain walling offers the unique benefit of making the most out of daylight; helping it reach even the most difficult spaces.

Offices and workplaces that offer large amounts of natural light are often thought of as the most desirable, and studies have shown that there are a range of benefits to be had for working in environments that offer large amounts of daylight.

Curtain walling is incredibly lightweight

As curtain walling is non-structural, the material used is lightweight, which means that the costs of production and construction are reduced.

Furthermore, the façade of the walling doesn't carry any dead weight other than its own, which means that materials such as aluminium can be used for its construction.

It's also worth noting that if the worst comes to worst, curtain walling can actually inhibit the spread of fire between floors, as it acts as a barrier and prevents the transfer of flames across the surface of a building.

Put simply, curtain walling is aesthetically pleasing

Now more than ever we're seeing curtain walled buildings across the UK as the feature becomes increasingly popular.

Curtain walls offer a clean and sophisticated appearance to any building and is a large element of 21st century contemporary design.

Whether you're based in Stoke-on-Trent, Birmingham, Manchester, or Liverpool, we can help your building stand out amongst the city landscape.

If you want to know anything else about how curtain walling can benefit your property, check out our contact page and get in touch.